Water Project Amana Water Project Improvements on the Amana Colonies water system have begun! Prep work for the new water tower started February 19th. Pending weather, water line replacement should begin the first of March, between Amana and Middle Amana. Estimates are that the water line replacements in Middle, High, and West Amana will get underway later this spring. READ MORE Winter Tips to Keep Warm Winter Tips to keep warm Heating your home or business, especially with our extreme temperature shifts, can be among the more expensive components of your utility bill. Whether you heat with electricity or gas, there are several tips to reduce energy consumption and help maintain comfortable temperatures during winter months. READ MORE A Kilo-WHAT? A Kilo...What? We want to make sure all our customers understand their bill; to provide both understanding and help you determine your energy needs. UNDERSTAND YOUR BILL Faces of the Service Company Faces of the service company The friendly faces that you may see out and about on your street or around town. The Service Company is here to ensure reliable energy & safe water for our community. MEET THE CREW Before You Dig - Call 811 Before You Dig! Call 811 Planning a home improvement job? Planting a tree? Installing a fence or deck? Digging without knowing the approximate location of underground utilities can result in service disruptions, serious injuries and costly repairs. KNOW THE FACTS
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